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A medicinal plant with an exceptional geometric arrangement


  • Exceptional Geometric arrangement of Flowers almost 320 degree angle
  • Bell shaped flowers placed towards upwards and on all sides as umbellata cymes.
  • Five petals stripped with various designs and hairs ,Exceptional calculations on arrangements of Corona and Gynostegium.

Botanical Name: Boucerosiaumbellata

Family: Apocynaceae (Carallumaumbellata)

Kannada: Hucchubangte, Molanakodu Tamil: Kallimulaiyaam, Eluman, Elumanpuli Telugu: Kundelukommulu, Kundetikommulu, Kundinakommulu

Habitat: Xerophytic, Scrub-forest, on shallow Rocky areas were less soil.


  • The tender stems used as food to reduce appetite and excess fat accumulation.
  • Some places stem used as pickles.
  • Tender stems are used as blood purifier.
  • The inner pulp of the stem is an excellent cure for cracked feet.
  • Sreeshylam locals using the stem as natural soap to remove stains from the cloth.
  • Carallumaumbellata has potential anti-diabetic property.
  • Boiled stems are eaten for 5 days regularly at empty stomach for ulcer treatment.

Brahma Shri Madavanpillai Swami Maruthuvazhum Malai, Kanyakumari told this plant paste has a capacity to soften the rocks.



Prof. Dr. Ajayan Sadanandan MD(Ayu), PhD

Head – Ayurveda Ethno Medico Botanical Team

 Ashtamgam Ayurveda Chikitsalayam & Vidyapeedham