Shalakya Tantram

Shalakya Tantram/Urdwanga Chikitsa

A unit of care towards Eye, ENT, Head, Dental & Throat disorders. The department offers complete diagnosis & traditional ayurvedic treatments

Is the Treatment of diseases affecting eye, ear,nose,throat head and teeth ie diseases located above the neck.

Mainly focus on

  • Refractive disorders
  •  Retinitis pigmentosa, Diabetic retinopathy
  •  Early stage of cataract
  •  Dry eye syndrome
  •  Scleritis, Conjunctivitis, Glaucoma, Squint
  •  Removal of foreign bodies from eye, ear and nose

Different types of headache:

Migraine clinic, Alopacia, Dandruff, Hairfall

Infection in ear, hearing loss, ear wax, vertigo, meniere’s disease and other problems related to ear.

Nasal polyps, Deviated nasal Septum, Snoring

Acute and Chronic Sinusitis


Major Therapentic Procedures include

Shirodhara, Shiropichu, Shirovasthi, Shiroabhyanga

— Nasyam

— Gandoosham,Kabalam

— Karnapoorana,karnadhoopana

— Anjanam, Aschyotanam, Netraparishekam, Tarpanam, putapakam,

varthmalekhanam, jalookavacharanam

— Thalam, Thalapothichil, takradhara, Prachchanam

Our Doctors