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The Four Domains Of Immunity in Ayurveda

A Review On PAOM (Prakriti, Agni, Ojas, Manas): The Four Domains Of Immunity

Note: This paper was originally published in the International Journal of Research in Ayurveda and Pharmacy

Ayurveda is a science that aims to treat disease as well as prevent the occurrence of a disease. Prevention of a disease depends on the status of the immune system that is present in an individual. Immune response varies from person to person. The reason behind this variation is still ambiguous. Prakriti, agni, ojas, and manas, the four domains explained in Ayurveda, have immense connections with our immune system. Innate immunity can be considered the weakest among Vata Prakriti individuals. Cellular metabolism and gut microbes, which come under the spectrum of agni, also play an essential role in the functioning of the immune response. Studies show that the emotional system and immune system are highly dependent. Ojas, the internal environment inside the body, can be considered the link between agni and men. Ojas itself is considered as immunity. An individual’s immune system will be active based on the status of Prakriti, agni, manas and ojas.



Purushothaman PP, Professor and HOD, Department of Shalya Tantra, Ashtamgam Ayurveda Vidyapeedham, Palakkad, Kerala, India

Amrutha Elamon, Assistant Professor, Department of Kriya Sareera, Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda College, Ollur, Thrissur, Kerala, India