A Tree with edible food source and medicine……Jackfruit Tree

  पनस  – Jackfruit Tree Uses of (पनस )Jackfruit Tree Infloresence , Fruit, seed,Leaf ,Leaf petiole etc… पनस पनशः ,कण्टकिफलः ,पलसोऽतिबृहत्फलः  महासर्जः फलिनः फलवृक्षकः कण्टफलश्चैव स्यान्मूलफलदः ,अपुष्पफलदः Botanical Name : Artocarpus heterophyllus Family: Moraceae पनसपुष्पं Infloresence of Jackfruit (ചക്ക പൂവ്) Bitter and heavy in nature helps to clear the mouth.. तिक्तं पनसपुष्पं तु गुरु वक्त्रविशोधनम् […]

Polycarpaea Corymbosa

Polycarpaea Corymbosa    A plant seen on rocky tops of Nagalassery Hills. It can be used as a source of Parpataka. In Siddha, it is considered as Parpataka. It is having Kshaya rasa predominance. Botanical name: Polycarpaea corymbosa     Family: Caryophyllaceae (Carnation family) Synonyms: Kattu-mailochana, Akkaram kolli, Acharam kolli, Akkara poode, Paarappovu etc. Oldman’s Cap is a weed of […]

Ceropegia Candelabrum

  Ceropegia Candelabrum  A rare valuable edible and medicinal plant.. An Endangered plant mentioned in Hortus Malabaricus… Malayalam: Nagathumba, Njottanjodiyan valli, Kammanam kizhangu, Irula, Kavalae kodi etc. Botanical name: Ceropegia candelabrum  Family: Asclepiadaceae   The Latin specific epithet candelabrum is derived from the candelabra-like appearance of the inflorescences… Ceropegia candelabrum is a perennial, succulent, twining plant with a roundish […]


TERRESTRIAL ORCHIDS   Two Medicinally important terrestrial orchids of Nagalasery Hills    A terrestrial orchid literally means an orchid that grows in the ground.  Terrestrial orchids have their perennating tissues in the surface substrate of the ground, such as the soil or organic floor of a forest, or the surface sediment or peat of a […]


Dr. Srinivasa Acharaya MD (Ay), Former    Principal SDM Ayurveda College Udupi  AN APPROACH TO DIAGNOSIS   The diagnostic approach to any treatment is of prime importance. A physician by and far undertakes a heap of responsibilities as far as treatment of the patient is concerned. One can relate to an interesting simile in this regard. Consider […]


TEACHING METHODOLOGY IN AYURVEDA Dr. M R Vasudevan Nambootiri Former  DAM  & Former    Principal Govt. Ayurveda College Thiruvananthapuram “Not what you eat, but what you digest, Not what you earn, but what you save, Not what you read, but what you recollect Is all that matters in life.” This is a principle that is applicable […]


                                                              Dr.Sreeja Sukesan, MD (Ay),                                                            Professor & HOD, Department of Shalakyatantra,                                                             […]