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Anahata Yoga

Ashtamgam Yoga Dinacharya course (AYDC)

Course Overview

Ashtanga Educational Trust designs a course for individuals who wish to modify their lifestyle and to explore the healing potentials of Yoga for a healthy, disciplined and balanced life through the fundamentals of Ayurveda and Yoga. The course benefits both beginners and advanced Yoga practitioners. The course provides an essential introduction to yogic philosophy and practices and is designed to help individuals develop flexibility, strength, balance and mindfulness. The individual lifestyle, diet counselling based on Ayurvedic principles and therapeutic essentials of science of yoga in specific conditions are the key features of the course.

The Ashtamgam Yoga Dinacharya Course incorporates Ayurvedic self-care guidance, facilitating a healthy start to the day and effective time management for self-care, fostering opportunities for creative utilization of time.

Course outcomes
  • Understand the foundations of yoga philosophy.
  • Explore the historical and philosophical foundations of yoga, including its origin and key principles.
  • Stabilize oneself through loosening, stretching, Suryanamaskara, and selected yoga poses.
  • Explore various pranayama techniques to enhance breath awareness and control.
  • Introduce basic meditation techniques to cultivate mindfulness, inner calmness, and concentration.
  • Develop a habit of regular meditation for stress reduction, as well as physical and mental well-being.
  • Introduce Ayurveda dinacharya (daily regimen) into one’s daily routine.
Key highlights
  • Course completes in 2 months 
  • Premium Dinacharya kit 
  • Personalized and accessible yoga sessions 
  • Tailored to your needs, integrating individualized posture adjustments and calming breathing techniques.
Who is this course for?
  • Individuals affected by lifestyle diseases or other health conditions who believe they could benefit from practicing yoga.
  • Individuals struggling with self-care routines and time management, often due to hectic schedules or a lack of motivation.
  • Individuals seeking to alleviate both physical and mental stress.
  • Individuals aspiring to manage and regulate their emotions effectively.
  • Individuals seeking natural methods to boost their immune system.
Course duration
  • A total of 16 sessions (16 hours) to be completed in 2 months.
  • Each session of 1 hr with 2 sessions per week on every Tuesdays and Thursdays 
  • Timings- Evening 4pm -5 pm  IST
  • Batches – Yearly 3 batches January /June/ November 


  • Session  





    Ayurvedic Dinacharya I

    • Introduction to Ayurvedic Dinacharya, its fundamentals and principles

    • Customised Dinacharya practices as per seasons

    • Dinacharya practices  in general well being 


    Dr Dhanya C P


    Ayurvedic Dinacharya II

    • Specific Dinacharya practices on various morbid pattern of the group

    • Practical demonstration of Dinacharya practices

    Dr Swathy V


    Introduction to Yoga 

    Fundamentals and principles 

    • Foundations of yoga, history and principles 

    • Ashtanga yoga

    Dr Jithesh Chandran


    Yogic Anatomy and Physiology

    • Understanding skeletal structure of the body

    • Understanding the movements of the body

    • Overview of the major muscles and joints of the body

    • Understanding body alignment during yoga

    • Basic knowledge on somatic awareness of basic yoga Practices

    Dr Jithesh Chandran


    Soorya Namaskara I

    • Introduction to Suryanamaskara benefits and limitations 


    Mr Vignesh P Gopan 


    Soorya Namaskara II

    • Demonstration of 12 stepped salutations to Sun, variations and correction of practice


    Mr Vignesh P Gopan


    Yogasana I

    • Introduction to Sookshma Vyayama (Loosening and stretching practices) and Asana (Yogic Postures)

    • Demonstration and Practise of Loosening and stretching exercises.


    Dr Swathy V


    Yogasana II

    • Selected Yogasanas maintaining a balanced metabolism 

    Dr Dhanya C P


    Yogasana III

    • Selected Yogasanas influencing and balancing neuro endocrine and Musculo skeletal – system

    Dr Jithesh Chandran


    Yogasana IV

    • Selected Yogasanas influencing reproductive & sexual health

    Dr Swathy V


    Pranayama I

    • Breathing exercises and preparatory techniques for pranayama

    • Cleansing breathing and sectional breathing

    Mr Vignesh P Gopan


    Pranayama II

    • Pranayama to balance Tridosha

    • Demonstration and Practices


    Dr Dhanya C P


    Mudras & Bandas

    • Knowledge & Demonstration of selected Mudras and Bandhas 

    Mr Vignesh P Gopan



    • Meditation Practices for beginners

    • OM Meditation

    • Guided Meditation 

    Dr Swathy V


    Self -reliance I

    • Self -Practice

    • Organizing Yoga-Dinacharya practices tailored to individual well-being, addressing specific ailments unique to each individual.

    Dr Dhanya C P & Mr Vignesh P Gopan


    Self- reliance II

    • Self-Evaluation

    • Feed back 

    • Happy online meetup 

    Dr Dhanya C P

    Dr Jithesh Chandran

    Dr Swathy V

    Mr Vignesh p Gopan



  1. Dr Jithesh Chandran 

  • Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery from Rajeev Gandhi University of health sciences, Bangalore.

  • Masters in Ayurveda (Shareera Rachana- Ayurveda Anatomy) from Rajeev Gandhi University of health sciences, Bangalore.

  • PGD in Yoga from Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu .

  • PGD in Mental Science from Kuvempu University, Shimoga.

  • Pursuing Yoga Instructor Course (YIC), S-VYASA, Deemed- to- be- University, Bangalore.

  • Pursuing Msc Yoga from S-VYASA, Deemed- to- be- University, Bangalore.

  1. Dr Dhanya C P

  • Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery from University of Calicut, Kerala

  • Masters in Ayurveda (Swasthavritta (preventive medicine) and Yoga) from University of Kerala, Kerala

  • Pursuing Yoga Instructor Course, (YIC), S-VYASA, Deemed- to- be- University, Bangalore.

  1. Dr Swathy V 

  • Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery from Dr MGR Medical University, Chennai

  • Masters in Ayurveda (Swasthavritta (preventive medicine) and Yoga) from Amritha Vishwavidyalaya Peetham, Deemed to be University, Kerala

  • Yoga Instructor Course, (YIC), from  S-VYASA, Deemed- to- be- University, Bangalore.

  • CSM – Basic Course in Smriti Meditation (Ayurveda psychotherapy) ATAB accredited.


  1. Mr Vignesh P Gopan

  • Bachelor of Arts from Sree Shankaracharya University of Sanskrit , Kalady, Kerala.

  • Masters in Arts from Sree Shankaracharya University of Sanskrit , Kalady, Kerala.

  • Yoga Instructor Course, (YIC), from  S-VYASA, Deemed- to- be- University, Bangalore

  • Pursuing Msc Yoga from S-VYASA,  Deemed- to- be- University, Bangalore

Course fee:

₹ 7999

Bank Details:

ACCOUNT NUMBER:919010070921281
IFSC: UTIB0003001

Application Form / Registration:

The following documents (self-attested & scanned copies) should be uploaded with the online application form below:

  1. Screenshot / scanned copy of your registration fee remittance receipt.
  2. Your passport size photo (digital copy)
  3. Scanned copy of your signature (digital sign)
Contact Details:

 Mobile / WhatsApp: 8281135090/ 8123170267

E-mail: aacvswasthavritta@gmail.com

Address: Ashtamgam Ayurveda Chikitsalayam & Vidyapeedham, 4/495A, Vavanoor, Koottanad, Palakkad, Dt. – 679 533 Kerala, India.