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Symptoms & Causes

Anaemia is a condition that commonly inequalities the agni of the body. It brings about a decrease in the haemoglobin matter. Mentioned within are a couple of home remedies that assist Anemia.

If anaemia is left neglected, the dangers of establishing complications that affect the heart as well as the lungs obtain greater.

Anaemia is called PANDU in Ayurveda. The pathology of anaemia locates its roots in the inequality of agni, the gastrointestinal fire, which eventually causes the development of ama. This disturbance is brought on by pitta that is distributed around the body by intensified vata.

The haemoglobin matter in an individual’s body drops listed below its regular level of 15gm/100ml of blood. It causes lack of breath, exhaustion and also weakness. The heart palpitations are usually high as well.

Treatment in Ayurveda

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Diet change assisted with Ayurvedic medications


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Dr. Alathiyoor Narayanan Nambi (Ashtavaidyan)

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Dr. Ramya Alakkal

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