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Dr. Manojkumar K Kayachikitasa

Dr. Manoj Kumar K

BAMS, MD (Ay) Kāyachikitsa

Specialization: General Ayurveda, Kāyachikitsa (Internal Medicine)

Focus Areas: Bronchial Asthma, Allergic Rhinitis, Diabetes, Stroke Management and Rehabilitation.

Languages: Malayalam, English

Rheumatic fever, Rheumatoid arthritis, SLE, Osteoarthritis, Cervical Spondylosis, Osteoporosis, Hyper-Hypo Thyroidism, Obesity, Hyper cholestremia Hypertension, Anaemia, Diabetics and its Complication (Neuropathy, Nephropathy, Ulcer), etc. Hyper acidity, IBS, Peptic ulcer, Diarrhoea etc. Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis and other skin diseases, Bronchial asthma, chronic and acute coughs, COPD, Allergies, etc, Stroke, Facial Palsy, MND, Multiple sclerosis, Muscular dystrophy, Sciatica Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease. Coronary heart diseases, hypertension, Fatty liver, Hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, cholecystitis etc, UTI, Calculi, BPH, Chronic renal diseases, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Dementia, Psychosomatic Disorders. Varicoceles, Hormonal abnormalities, abnormalities in semen analysis, erectile dysfunction.

Rasayana Chikitsa

Deputy Medical Superintendent, AACV. Associate Professor – Dept of Kayachikitsa, Ashtamgam Ayurveda Vidyapeedham

BAMS, Govt Ayurveda College, Thiruvananthapuram (University of Kerala)

MD (Ay) Kayachikitsa, Aswini Ayurveda college & PG Centre, Davangere (Rajiv Gandhi University of Health

  1. ‘Agnivesa Award’ for the best out-going student of the year 2008 in Kerala State, instituted in connection with the Navati celebrations, Vaidyaratnam PS Varier Ayurveda College, Kottakkal.
  2. NVK Varier Endowment for the highest score in RogaNidanam and Caraka Samhitaa, VPSV Ayurveda College, Kottakkal, 2006.
  3. Vaidyabhushanam Puraskaaram-2007, Co-author for the essay ‘ Vyaadhi Padhyaadeva Nivartate’, conducted by the Vaidyabhushanam K Raghavan Thirumulpad Foundation,
  4. Chalakkudy.
  5. Ist prize for the paper ‘Incorporation of Technology in Ayurveda’ at the paper presentation competition at Sadgamaya- ‘10, conducted by House Surgeons’ Association, Govt. Ayurveda College, Kannur.
  6. Ist prize for the paper titled ‘Ayurveda and Public Health’ at the paper presentation competition at Sadgamaya- ‘07, conducted by House Surgeons’ Association, Govt. Ayurveda
  7. College, Kannur.
  8. Ist prize for the paper titled ‘A Critical Analysis of the Classification and Management of Ashmari-’ in the paper presentation competition in connection with Seminar on Renal Diseases, Govt.Ayurveda College, Tripunithura, 2007


  • Paper presentation at Global Ayurveda Festival (GAF 2016) at Kozhikode(Jan 31- Feb 3)
  • Paper presentation at Samsidhi 2016 at Coimbatore Ayurveda College (National seminar on Dosha pryathyaneeka and vyadhi prathyaneeeka chikitsa).
  • Paper presentation on Oushadha yogas used in Sirodhara In the seminar conducted by
  • Panchakarma Dept (Dhara vicharam) of Ashtamgam Ayurveda vidya peedham on 20th march 2016.
  • Paper presentation on concept of Agni in Sareera sameeksha Seminar conducted by
  • Dept of sareera of Ashtamgam ayurveda vidyapeedham from 2016 September 20-24.
  • Paper presentation on Importance of Srotosoadhana In tamakaswasa chikitsa at National seminar – Coimbatore Ayurveda College – Samsidhi 2016. (2016 november 18-20 )
  • Paper presentation on Modification of Oushadhayogas at Ashtamgam Chikitsa Sameeksha 2019

(From last 5 years, with titles and references)

  • Importance of Abhyanga and Nadeesweda in Swasa roga Chikitsa- Oushadham Magazine- 2016 October.
  • Vajeekarana Chikitsa, the Science of sexuality- Ayurveda & Health tourism- 2017 January-March.
  • “Vaypunnu” (Mouth ulcers)- Mathrubhumi Arogya mazika- 2016, December.
  • “Siro abhyangam adhava Thalayk enna thekkal”- The Dent care Magazine- 2017 December.
  • “Oils And Fats – A Birds Eye View”; in IJRAR (International journal of research and analytical review (June 2019, Vol- 6, issue- 2, ISSN: 2348-1269

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