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Ardhavilwam Kashaya Choornam

Ardhavilwam Kashaya Choornam is an Ayurvedic herbal formulation renowned for its therapeutic potential in addressing a range of health conditions. Serving as a potent diuretic, this meticulously crafted blend harnesses the synergistic powers of various botanical constituents. Zingiber officinale (Shunti), Solanum indicum (Brhati), Andrographis panniculata (Bhunimba), Achyranthes aspera (Apamarga), Tragia involucrata (Duralabha), Boerhavia diffusa (Punarnava), and the revered Aegle marmelos (Vilwa) unite to create this exceptional remedy. Ardhavilwam Kashaya Choornam is highly regarded for its efficacy in alleviating whole-body edema, urinary disorders, and digestive ailments, making it a versatile therapeutic choice within the Ayurvedic tradition.


Product Details

Ardhavilwam Kashaya Choornam is an Ayurvedic medicine that is used to treat various health conditions, including whole-body oedema, urinary disorders, and digestive issues. It is a diuretic combination of various herbs, including Shunti (Zingiber officinale), Brhati (Solanum indicum), Bhunimba (Andrographis panniculata), Apamarga (Achyranthes aspera), Duralabha (Tragia involucrata), Punarnava (Boerhavia diffusa), and Vilwa (Aegle marmelos).

Benefits of Ardhavilwam Kashaya Choornam:

  • Encourages lymphatic circulation and drainage
  • Effective in managing lifestyle disorders such as hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and obesity
  • Promotes blood circulation and purifies blood
  • Relieves bowel disorders and constipation
  • Restores fluid-electrolyte balance in the body
  • Stimulates appetite and digestion
  • Relieves abdominal flatulence and intestinal gas
  • Improves bowel motility
  • Enhances renal function