Fighting and Winning Parkinson’s

The human body is understood at four levels: sharira (the physical body), satva (the mind), atma (the spirit/soul), and indriyas (the sensorium). Individuals with Parkinson’s are affected at all levels.

Seize the Sneeze

A sneeze is not just another symptom of change in seasons; it can signify an underlying imbalance in the body’s kapha and pitta doshas.

Women’s Day Special

സ്ത്രീകളേ നിങ്ങൾ സന്തോഷിയ്ക്കു. സ്ത്രീകളേ നിങ്ങൾ ആഘോഷിയ്ക്കു. ജീവിതം ഒന്നേ ഉളളു