Swasthavritham, Yoga and Naturopathy

Swasthavritham, Yoga and Naturopathy

A unit of care towards general health, diet and life style using naturopathy, yoga and prana yama. This branch works hand by hand with other departments.



Swasthavritta is a science of Health, which prescribes the theory, and practice of the maintenance of public and private health. Swasthavritta in Ayurveda means maintenance of the health of an individual.

The Ayurvedic lifestyle followed during the yester years and the vitality of the people living then is proof in itself on how beneficial following a healthy regime is.

The rules and regulations in respect to maintaining proper well being of the physique are two-fold: i) Consumption of diet and ii) Observance of personal, moral, seasonal and spiritual conduct.

Swasthavritta mainly emphasizes on following a proper daily regime as well as seasonal regime. Daily regime deals with instructions for day-to-day living like morning routine, basic cleanliness, natural urges, evening routine etc. Apart from this there are added features like the importance of medicinal smoking and tambula chewing. The seasonal changes and climatic changes also have a particularly important effect on the health. Hence Ayurveda has recommended a seasonal specific conduct. These activities help us to cope up with the changes in the environment.

Swasthavritta also includes Sadvritta that can be classified into five types i.e. Good mental conduct, Good social conduct, Good religious conduct, Good personal conduct and Good moral conduct.

Food, Sleep and controlled sex are regarded as the pillars or tripods holding life and health. Timely intake of suitable and good quality food, regular sleeping habits and controlled indulgence in sex ensure long and healthy life. Maintenance of one mental balance is also equally important and Ayurveda offers spiritual and mental treatments for ailments in which no physical relief can be offered.

Thus SVASTHAVRITTA means the behaviour or act by which a person can maintain health and lead a healthy life. Health and Longevity are certain to follow, if the rules of maintaining health, as given in Ayurveda, are strictly followed.

About the department

The Swasthavritham department is an independent department working as a part of Ashtamgam Ayurveda Chikitsalayam.

Aim of Swasthavritha department

  • Being the social and community face of Ashtamgam chikitsalayam-vidyapeedam.
  • Teaching and practice of a healthy lifestyle for the benefit of public and the students.
  • An authoritative practice of Yoga and Naturopathy, through clinical exposure and community outreach programmes.
  • Working as a referral unit for all other departments in this institution for the clinical application of Yoga, Pranayama and Naturopathy.
  • Give popularity to the Ayurvedic approach for preservation of health.
  • Educate the mass to lead a healthy life and prevent Lifestyle Diseases.


1. School Health Programmes(SHP)
2. Regular Medical Camps
3. Pathyahara clinic
4. LSDP-LifeStyle Disease Prevention Clinic
5. Physical and Mental Rejuvenative programme for Professionals/working class
6. She clinic
7. Yoga and Pranayama sessions for OP and IP
8. Yoga sessions for public
9. Geriatric clinic


Aim – build up a healthy generation


  • Selection of students and consent from the parents and authorities
  • Yoga classes
  • Awareness classes
  • Issuing health card
  • Regular medical camps
  • IP and OP treatment for eligible students.
  • Setting up of herbal garden.
  • Issuing dinacarya card
  • Duration of programme – 1 year –
  • Departments involved are Swasthavritha, salakyatantra, prasoothitantra and Sthreeroga, kaumarabhruthya

Swasthavritham department is coordinating the medical camps in the nearby rural areas of the institution to provide medical aid for poor needful patients. The follow up treatment for eligible is offered in Ashtamgam Chikitsalayam.


Aim – set up a centralized pathyahara clinic with independent staffs to take care the dietetic management of all Ashtamgam patients (IP &OP)


Concept – Life Style Disease Prevention clinic (LSDP clinic).

  • Planned to fix a day exclusively for consulting with Lifestyle Diseases.
  • OP cases with concerned conditions who consulted in other departments should be referred to Swasthavritha OP(concept of referral OP system).
  • Referral OP system already started.
  • Lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, Thyroid dysfunctions etc are effectively managing by the application of Yoga, Pranayama, Diet modifications and other medications.

General Yoga and Pranayama sessions for OP & IP


  • Yoga training programme for public
  • Two batches completed successfully.
  • Next batch will be started soon.
  • Decided to include health awareness classes in relevant topics by PG doctors of various departments.

Yoga & Pranayama sessions are given on daily basis for IP patients according to the condition. Swasthavritham OP is also working as a referral OP for all other working departments on all days in working hours.


Aim– maintain the health of aged- through Ashtamgam in collaboration with Kyachikitsa, Panchakarma, Prasoothitantra departments.

  • Discussions are over with concerned departments PG doctors.
  • Decided to fix a day for geriatric OP.
  • Decided to shift the follow up consultation from medical camps at Pratheeksha shelter home and Karuna foundations, to this geriatric OP.

Ashtamgam Satsangam

Ashtamgam Satsangam- “Classes and Discussions on Ayurvedic way of Living” is an essential and largely a practical step forward to the Mission and Vision of Ashtamgam Educational Trust. As advised by our respected Principal Vd. M Prasad, we, the team Ashtamgam lead by Dept of Swasthavritha, started an evening gathering for the patients and bystanders of our Hospital. The aim was to make them aware about the wider and holistic concept of healing of disease and preservation of health or Prevention of disease by achieving both physical and mental well being. In that sense Satsangam was planned to conduct on evening 6 pm from every Monday to Friday at Yoga hall inside the Hospital.

At a glance

  • Ashtamgam Satsangam has been started on 13th May 2016. .
  • Time, venue and beneficiaries: Monday to Friday evening 6pm – 7pm at Yoga hall for patients and by-standers.
  • Topics of discussion: Related with Ayurveda way of living simple and effective methods for promoting and maintaining the health.
  • Conducted by: Anyone among the doctors of Ashtamgam and sometimes by invited personalities.
  • A Satsangam Register is maintaining to collect the address and other particulars of the participants for further communications

Project “Aarogyamulla Mazhakkaalam Ayurvedathiloode”

  • As the Swasthavritha dept is meant for the promotion of the prevention of diseases through healthy Ayurvedic Lifestyle, it is the need of the time to propagate our effective tool of seasonal regimen for the maintenance of health in this monsoon (Varsha Rtu). The aim is to convey the great message that Acharyas gave for the timely management of vitiation of doshas inside the body by this very healthy way of seasonal regimen.
  • So dept of Swasthavritha is proud enough to announce a program named Varshaayanam – varsha rtu swaasthya raksha padhathi. The program is planning to be conducted from July 1st to August 16th, 2016.

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