Sports Medicine Department

Emerging Sports medicine departments in Ayurveda medical colleges indicates a facelift in the services offered by each institution. On the other hand Ayurveda also has definitive answers for the so called conditions coming under this headline.

Ayurveda classifies diseases broadly into two types’ nijam and aganthu. Among this aganthu rogas are those that are caused directly by an external factor. Injuries to bones, ligaments, tendons, muscle tears and other sports injuries come under this heading. Hike in the number of patients who are in need of support and care, especially from the sports world has made us think about a different option.
Ashtamgam thus initiated the opening of a separate outpatient department under the expertise from respective speciality. SMART (Sports medicine and rehabilitation therapy) unit is in its path of increased acceptance among the public. Under the guidance of expert faculty, this department works round the clock (24x7) catering the needy. In patient admission facility also can be made available. Along addressing acute injury cases , rehabilitation and sports injury prevention are also some of the major areas roofed under this department. We work in collaboration with various schools and institutions.
Following are some of the major areas for which you can avail our expert services.

  • Expert management of acute & chronic sports injuries through traditional Ayurveda procedures. (Muscle cramp, sprain, ligament injuries, meniscal tears, joint dislocations, fractures, wounds)
  • Ortho – Neuro rehabilitation.
  • Physical fitness training.
  • Prevention of sports injuries.
  • Counselling, guidance & nutritional advice for better performance.
  • Kalari marama chikitsa.