Prasoothi Tantram & Sthreerogam

Prasooti Tantra and Streeroga

A unit of care towards Reproductive health

Mainly focus on

Menstrual disorders, Painful menses, Heavy or prolonged bleeding, Scanty bleeding, Delayed menses, irregular menses, Menarche and Menopausal problems.

PCOS, Fibroid uterus, Ovarian Cyst,Endometriosis, Uterine prolapse

Abnormal vaginal discharges

Leucorrhoea, Candidiasis, Infections and Inflammations of reproductive tract

Sub fertility/ Vandhyatha clinic – “Supraja”

Preconceptional care –   Click Here->

Ante natal care

Regimens to be followed during pregnancy in order to ensure normal delivery and healthy child

Monthly regimens and medications

Beneficial in Garbhini chardi, Anaemia during pregnancy, Gas trouble, LBA, tiredness, other

problems during pregnancy.

Post natal care – Soothikamritham      Click Here->

Regimen to be followed after labour for maintaining the health of mother.

Individualized management after consultation according to digestive power, mode of delivery, body

constitution etc.

Enhances breast milk production

Prevents the susceptibility of LBA, Anaemia, Constipation etc.

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