Athreya Heritage

The magical cure of Ayurveda is famous for its heritage in Kerala, Gods own country. Athreya Heritage (A unit of Ashtanga Educational Trust) is situated inThekkeVavannoor, Koottanad, Thrithala in Palakkad District of Kerala. Thrithala is home to the renowned Ashtavaidyas & famous for traditional Ayurvedic treatments. The adjoining village, Mezhathur, is a historical & cultural centre known for celebrated Ayurvedic physicians like Chataru Nair & Vaidyamadom Valiya Narayanan Namboodiri. An Ashta Vaidya is a practitioner of the Ayurveda system of medicine belonging to a select group of Brahmin families. As scholar physicians with expertise in the eight branches (Ashtangas in Sanskrit) of Ayurveda, these practitioners earned the epithet of Ashta Vaidya. The eight branches are dealt with in detail in the treatise Ashtanga Hridayam, one of the primary texts of Ayurveda. These disciplines are Kaya (general medicine mainly dealing with digestive disorders), Bala (pediatrics including obstetrics), Graha (psychological disorders due to possession by evil spirits), Urdhvanga (diseases of the head - eyes, ears, nose, throat & teeth), Shalya (surgery & treatment for external injuries), Damshtra (toxicology - treatment for poisoning & snake/insect bites), Jara (geriatrics & rejuvenation) and Vrisha (aphrodisiacs & treatment for sterility). Vaidyamadom & Poomulli Mana are reputed centres of excellence for traditional Ayurveda treatments. Ashtangam, through its sister concern "Athreya Heritage", has set its roots in the fertile soil of Thrithala. This Endeavour brings together a rare combination of Ashtavaidyas, Aryavaidyas, Ayurveda Acharyas & Ayurveda Vachaspathis alongwith the most modern infrastructure to caterto global standards of healthcare.

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