A Holistic Approach

At Ashtamgam, consultation is offered by eminent physicians, including the Ashtavaidyas, and the treatments are carried out under the direct supervision of experts. Ashtavaidyas, the traditional Ayurvedic practitioners of Kerala, are master physicians in all the 8 branches of Ayurveda, and hence the name. Visiting Acharyas at Ashtamgam includes Ashtavaidyas, Arya Vaidyas and Specialist Physicians/Surgeons in different branches. Their accurate diagnosis and prescription, combined with authentic medicines, hasten the healing process. Further, in order to achieve complete cure, the treatment also includes the recommendations of Jyothishastra and Vaasthushastra, which are traditional Indian sciences that share their roots with Ayurveda. Jyothishastra advice by renowned astrologist Kanippayyur Narayanan Namboodirlppad and Vaasthushastra advice by Kanippayyur Krishnan Namboodirippad, a doyen in the field, are offered at Ashtamgam, by prior appointment. This method of treatment is unique to Ashtamgam.